Friday, October 9, 2015

Bub & Me: Obento-Making with RICE Denmark x Motherswork

If you've been to Motherswork {and if you're a parent I'm pretty sure you've shopped there before!}, you'd probably have seen shelves of colourful melamine, handmade baskets and storage from RICE, a Danish home wares and accessories company.

Their designs are inspired by “the good old days” and are very “down to earth” with lots of detail. RICE hopes to colour you happy when you are washing, cleaning, baking and relaxing in your home with funky, fun and functional products. Since the products are mainly melamine {although they do have ceramic & enamel collections too}, it's very child-friendly both because its hardy and because it has been tested to be food-safe and not contain harmful substances like Bisphenol A {BPA} and phthalates. The cheerful designs are definitely very attractive to children too.

I don't cook/bake as much as I used to nowadays, but that doesn't stop me from getting pretty stuff for the kitchen and home. I love RICE's colourful and whimsical homeware, and their whole collection is to die for. If my home could be filled with RICE products like Paula / Colorfulsparkle {their brand ambassador}, I would be a very happy girl hahaha #homegoals

RICE recently launched their Autumn/ Winter collection in Singapore and we had a sneak peek of it over an obento-making workshop at Motherswork's Great World City outlet.

The last time Lil Pumpkin and I attended an obento-making workshop was 2 years ago for Hina-Matsuri {Japanese Dolls Festival}. Coincidentally, the workshop instructor was Shirley again!! We haven't met each other since then and it was nice to have a short catch-up with her ヽ(^Д^*)/

We were both reminiscing how small Lil Pumpkin was then and she had to stand on a chair to work with me on the Emperor & Empress kyara-ben {character-obento キャラ弁} heh.

This time, Shirley taught us to make a Bear and Whale kyara-ben again inspired by Teddy and Whale plates available in their newest collection. So adorable!!

Now that Lil Pumpkin is bigger she doesn't need a chair, of course hah. This time round since Lil Pumpkin's older and more adept with her motor skills, she was even more helpful in making and packing the obento. But of course, she still enjoyed snacking on the food {especially the seaweed!!} along the way (●→‿ฺ←●)

The whole workshop session took about 1 hour before it was all done!!! Ta-dah! What do you think of our Bear and Whale kyara-ben? I added extra lashes on our whale hehe. It's packed inside this cute Flamingo and Monkeys lunchbox that was just launched too.

I was very inspired by this obento-making session and it fired up my interest to make obentos on a regular basis again {remember my 52 weeks of Obento Ideas series?}. After that I went to buy more obento boxes and accessories hahaha. I think it's good if I start making them again as it'll help in my meal-planning to eat healthier for my Operation 健康アップ fitness training program. I can hopefully pack and prep them earlier over the weekend for the following week.

Lil Pumpkin was very pleased with our obento and happily brought it home to her daddy, who said it was very cute gobbled everything up #fistpump

After the workshop we enjoyed a very sumptous tea session with food plated on RICE's new products.

Love love love all the eclectic bursts of colour and pattern in the RICE plates, cups, cutlery etc. They really prettify a party table~

RICE sells cake stands but if you like to DIY, you can also make your funky 3-tiered cake stands using the RICE plates and bowls. Such a fun idea!! Here's a tutorial on making your own cake stand with candlesticks if you can't find the metal center handle rod fittings locally or perhaps use their sturdy melamine cups.

I found some cake stand handle rod fittings for sale on eBay though.

It was really enjoyable catching up with my blogger friends whom I haven't seen in ages too since I hardly go for blog events now due to our tight schedule (*>艸・) Must make an effort to socialise more!! Hopefully next year when my work commitments wind down a bit... ( ⋂‿⋂’) 

Check out the other fun activities we did with Lil Pumpkin here or my list of Kid-Friendly places in Singapore.  Let me know if you have other recommendations :)

P.S. I was wearing my new baby blue cheongsam I got from Shanghai! Linen and so comfy.. bought 3 pieces but maybe should have bought more hahahaha. See suggestions on where you can buy cheongsams in Singapore all year round here.

P.P.S. Don't miss my SEUSSICAL THE MUSICAL family tickets giveaway based on Dr Seuss book characters and stories. We'll be there too so see you!


Indah Nuria Savitri said...

Oh my god...I love to see all those colorful wares you have htere...and the obento is supeeer cute as well. Little pumpkin has a knack for it indeed :)

Masshole Mommy said...

Oh how cool. It looks like you guys had a blast!

An Apel a Day said...

Oh that turned out so cute! YAY little pumpkin did a great job helping with that.

Unknown said...

Enjoyed catching up with you and Lil Pumpkin at the event! You both look so fresh and pretty ;) Hope to find time to put the bento skill into practice soon.

Unknown said...

I love RICE especially their Tiered Cake Trays hehee! Didn't know that it's carried at Motherswork as well!

Lovely photos and it must have been fun learning to make bento together.

~ Audrey @SAys! Happy Mums :)

Hello, Mrs Tan said...

Oh my goodness, I don't know which one I should properly gush at, Lil Pumpkin's obento skills (SO CUTE!!!), the beautiful cake stands that are literally screaming at me to buy them.... or your cheongsam. Too much things to fall head over heels omg.

May said...

Love everything about this post! The pictures are inspiring me to start this as a hobby! hahahah I wonder if I am up to it!

Pooja Kawatra said...

This is a lovely workshop to learn for both mums and kids. I am sure your little pumpkin would have enjoyed making her own meal. Me too wants to learn this skill of bento.

Unknown said...

I really like the extra touches that you put on the Obento! The lashes on the whale are a super cute detail! I bet pumpkin was reluctant to eat such pretty creations.

And I like the patterns on the RICE crockery. So pretty.

Phoebe said...

always love Bento sets and I even have a craving to make one for the children to bring to school but that didn't happen in the end :( Nice way to have a bonding session with lil pumpkin

Jiahui said...

The bentos are so so pretty! I've never tried and I think mine would look a whole lot messier than your pretty ones! :)

Theresa Mahoney said...

Now that looks like such a fun blogger event! Glad you and Little Pumpkin had a wonderful time!

Sweetday said...

Bento making is a great way for mother-child bonding! I have not tried making bentos before. :)

Cherie said...

I feel weak reading this post. I NEED TO GO GET ALL THOSE COLOURFUL 3-TIER CAKE STANDS! -_-"

Lovely bento there, I wish I had the patience to do something like that! Thanks for sharing.. Now, I will check out those colour RICE homeware the next time I am at motherswork (next thursday actually cos I am picking up something i reserved).

Ai Sakura said...

Indah: yeah so pretty and cheerful!

Masshole Mommy: We did, thanks!

Alissa: Yup she really loves to help out in the kitchen haha

Angie: thank you.. it was great catching up with you too!

Audrey: oh yes they have a pretty wide collection. do check it out at their Great World City outlet!

Jacqualine: hahahaha thanks dear.

May: I'm sure you are ;)

Mums Babies: Basic obentos are pretty easy to master. It's the kyra-bens that are tough but you can google for online tutorials~

Debs: yeah she was so so pleased. when we went out for dinner she wanted me to help her decorate it into a character too haha.

Jiahui: aww just give it a shot!

Theresa: yup one of the best!

Sweetday: do try!

Cherie: Oh yes have fun trying to pick something out! So hard with the whole cute range of stuff they have ;)

Stacy said...

Every pic is so colourful!

Grace said...

I miss Japanese obento lunches! Love, love, LOVE the whale and the bear!
And you're right, obentos are a great way to keeping healthy. I try and pack a lunch for work but it's never as pretty as the ones you and Lil Pumpkin have made! x