Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The Man Behind Me ♥

They say behind every successful man, is a great woman. I don't know how hubby thinks about that, but I do know that behind me.. or rather, beside me, is a great man that makes me want to be a better person. And it's not just because he loves me so much.

The boy is inspirational in his work as a vet

He's the type that will answer calls and texts from clients and friends with pets, even outside office-hours. And no, he doesn't charge them. He's the type that will spend hours looking up for alternative remedies to the animals' ailments that can be more effective, and less costly for the owners. He's the type that continues to improve himself by taking up yearly courses and training. He's the type of vet that will scold the owners, if he knows they aren't taking care of their pets properly. Please don't go and tell him bullsh*t, he knows. He's the type that will take time off paid work to volunteer his services for the stray animals. And no, he will not euthanise healthy animals, even if you pay him heaps.

Everybody can see that he's an awesome vet, but it's what people don't see, what happens in our daily lives, that I find to be even more inspirational.

Like how he'd open up the clinic to our friends' kids if they are interested in how he works {for some reason a lot of kids want to be vets haha}. Or how he took the time to correspond with MOM {even though he hates dealing with bureaucratic stuff} on behalf of a kopitiam uncle we knew because he had some work problems but didn't know how to talk to them.

Or how he knows the drink stall guy near his workplace by name and gave him an angpao {money gift} when he knew the guy was going back to India to marry. You know now when I go to the drink stall too, I don't even have to make an order or open my mouth, the guy sees me and knows what drink I like to order {Kopi-C Kosong Peng, thanks.. and has it ready by the time I reach his counter. And I have not even been going to the drink stall frequently, only 3-4 times but this happened the last 2 times as I think he saw me with hubby and knows I am the wife.

The boy touches people so deeply with his kind and generous actions & words, that they feel this way and want to treat his own family members so well too as to "repay" him.  That's amazing, isn't it? But the boy does not think much of what he does. To him, these are just the basic things that people should do, 理所当然的行为.

But how many people would take the time to educate other people's kids about their work? How many will say "come, you deserve better, let me help you write to MOM"? How many would usually be so generous to give angpaos to non-family members and friends?

It is not only these instances of course, and there are many more that I can think of. 

This Saturday we will celebrate our 8th marriage anniversary together. I say this every year, but I still can never say this enough.. how truly blessed I am to be his wife and to have him by my side for the rest of my life. Someone to hold me, someone to support me, someone to stay with me even during my darkest moments, and someone that inspires me to be the best that I can be at work, at home, as a person. 

Thank you for loving me. I love you too my dear. Happy 8th Marriage Anniversary to us! ♥

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Small Kucing said...

Happy Anniversary! what a sweet post

mail4rosey said...

Sounds like you both got very lucky. :) Happy Anniversary to you!

Cascia Talbert said...

That is beautiful! Happy Anniversary.

Stacy said...

Happy anniversary babe! Good you're happy with your 'catch'! Hehe.

An Apel a Day said...

Happy Anniversary!!! He sounds like the perfect worker, husband, and dad!

Theresa Mahoney said...

You two are just the cutest! Happy Anniversary! I really admire the loyalty the boy has to his family, job, and those in the community. What an awesome guy!

Susan said...

What a big heart your hubby has. he may look macho with all his muscles, but he sure has a soft side. Happy anniversary you guys!

Indah Nuria Savitri said...

Such a lovely post indeed, Ai. Happy anniversary for you both!