Friday, September 29, 2017

Home Gym & Fitness Equipment Shops in Singapore

There are many reasons why people build their own home training space. Convenience is definitely a major factor.

With your own home gym, you can work out any time of the day, right in the privacy and comfort of your own home. You don't have to jostle with the crowd at commercial gyms, don't have to wait for machines, don't have to be disgusted when you've to use smelly, old equipment that people don't wipe their sweat off, don't have to worry about being judged, don't have to be distracted by others... you basically have your own personal sanctuary to get fit and fab ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

No more excuses about the gym being too far, or the weather preventing you from getting a good exercise, or the kids not letting you out of their sight.  

Yes, the initial cost and space required has to be considered, but your home gym can be as big... or as small as you want it to be. If you want, you can dedicate a room like we have and put in a power rack, bench, weight plates, air bike, dumb-bells, barbells etc., OR you can just have a small workout corner and invest in a few basic equipment that don't cost much.

Based on my own experience and on what I've researched, here are some essentials for decent whole body workouts:
  • Bench
  • Adjustable dumb-bells
  • Doorway Pull-up bar
  • Skipping Ropes
  • Resistance bands
  • Rubber floor mats
Of course, depending on your own needs and program there are other equipment you should get and many regular / advanced gym users would say that barbells and weight plates are essentials in any gym, but they do cost more and take up more space. Plus, you may not want to worry about damaging your floor or disturbing your neighbours when you drop the weights.

Although.. I know one of my friends is very ingenious and actually uses a trolley to transport her bar and heavy plates down to her nearby playground to work out haha °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

Anyway, I've compiled a list of brick-and-mortar, and online shops for people that want to get home gym and fitness equipment in Singapore. We got our own equipment and stuff from some of the shops too. I don't think this list is exhaustive, and if you know of any good shops that I should add into my list, feel free to contact me.


1. Active Lifestyle Singapore
Showroom: 970 Toa Payoh North, #04-04 Toa Payoh Industrial Estate, Singapore 318992
Hours: Weekdays {9am - 6pm}, Weekends {By appointment only}
Tel: 6258 4678
*Associated to Reflex-O Singapore

2. Decathlon Singapore
Showroom: 1 Joo Koon Circle, #02-21, Singapore 629117
Hours: Daily {8am -10pm}
Tel: 6225 4773
*Also at Bedok & City Square Mall

3. F1 Recreation
Showroom: 20 Sin Ming Lane, Midview City, #01-57, 573968
Hours: Mon - Thur {10am - 6pm}, Fri & Sat {10am - 7pm}, Sun {By appointment only}
Tel: 6846 7666

4. Fitness Activist
Showroom: Blk 9005 Tampine St 93, #03-222, Singapore 528839
Hours: Mon - Fri {10am - 6pm}, Sat {10am - 12pm}, Closed Sun & PHs
Tel: 8812 8686
*Closed during lunch 12pm - 4pm

5. Gymsportz Fitness
Showroom: 7 Mandai link #05-27 {Block B} Mandai connection, Singapore 728653
Hours: Mon - Fri {3pm - 6pm}, Sat {12pm - 3.30pm}, Closed Sun & PHs
Tel: 8333 9816

6. HomeGym.SG
Showroom: Blk 9 Yishun Industrial St 1, #02-68, Singapore 768163
Hours: Mon - Fri {11am - 6.30pm}, Sat {11am - 5pm}, Closed Lunch 12pm - 1 pm, Sun & PHs
Tel: 6710 5787
*Closed during lunch 12pm - 1pm

7. JMall Fitness
Showroom: 63 Ubi Avenue 1 #06-08, Singapore 408937
Hours: Mon - Fri {8.30am - 5.30pm}, Sat {8.30am - 3pm}, Closed Sun & PHs
Tel: 6747 4789

8. Movement First
Showroom: 8B Admiralty Street, #04-20, Singapore 757440
Hours: Mon - Fri {10am - 6pm}, Fri {10am -  9pm}, Sat {9am - 1pm}, Closed Sun & PHs
Tel: 6481 0412
*Closed during lunch 12pm - 2pm 

9. Primero Fitness {equipment review}
Showroom: #07-01 Woodlands Horizon, 31 Woodlands Close 737855, Singapore 577182
Hours: Weekdays only, 11am - 9pm
Tel: 9670 7516

10. SG Home Gym {online only}
Tel: 93859664

11. Sole Fitness
Showroom: 52 Telok Blangah Rd, #02-07 Telok Blangah House, 098829
Hours: Mon - Sat, 10am - 7pm, call for appointments on Sun & PHs
Tel: 6270 3544

12. SportsCo {online only}
Tel: 9889 8620

Of course, working out in your own home gym can be a bit boring and lonely at time... which is why some people like the social aspect of going to a commercial gym I guess. It can also be demotivating when there's no one there to push you to go for that extra rep or to increase your weight, and maybe you don't even know how to work out on your own. What training program to do? How to keep myself safe when exercising? How to even do that exercise??

In case you still prefer to train at home and have the above concerns, then it is probably best that you get a personal trainer - someone who can help you to plan your exercise program according to whatever equipment you have and your individual needs, motivate you and make sure that you're keeping to proper forms and techniques. I'd of course recommend my personal trainer, Superman, whom I've been training with for nearly 2 years, if you're looking for one.

Please send me pics of your home training space if you do decide to set one up. I'd love to see what you've come up with! ( ᐛ )و

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*Note: This is not a paid review or advertorial. All opinions are my own.


An Apel a Day said...

I think here it would be better to have what you can at home. We have strong winters, which make it hard to get out of the house.

coffeeandtoastmama said...

I'm amazed your Friend works out at the playground! Imagine trolley-Ing the bars lol... oh man, I also need to work out to get back my flat tummy :,(

Angie Yeow said...

A very comprehensive review and recommendation. You really have transformed your lifestyle in and out literally to your home. Great admiration for your marvellous workouts!

KarMie's blog said...

Fitness activist closed from lunch time from 12-4pm??? That's a very very long lunch! Lols... And ur friend very hardcore bring trolley to push! Salute u ladies, I need to start exercising especially my tummy 😬

Jamie chaw

mail4rosey said...

We had one in our house when we lived up north. Now we're in the south and living in a condo, on a higher floor, so the gym would bother our downstairs neighbors. I'd love to get one when we are back in a house though!

Unknown said...

Wow it's certainly hardcore to have a dedicated gym room! But worth it since you and hubby can both get lots of mileage out of the equipment. No more excuses not to train!

Theresa Mahoney said...

What a good resource for those who are in Singapore. I only keep free weights, a yoga mat and a stationary bike at home for when I can't make it to the gym. I wish we had more room for equipment in our home!

--andy-- said...

Hard to find a space for a gym, and not as "on" as your family hee hee :)
But the list of go-to shops might be useful .

cheers, Andy

Shub said...

I have bought some equipment from the usual shops. This is a good list to refer to when I purchase next.

Pooja Kawatra said...

This is a useful list for the reference and I actually find it boring to use the equipment at home. Prefer the one at gym or with friends.