Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Christmas 2017 | 6 Gift Ideas for Kids Always On-the-Go

Today the boy reminded me that there's less than 2 weeks to Christmas!! Yippee yay!!! 🎄🎅

Pretty pleased that I've got most of our family Christmas presents out of the way early thanks to some {rare} forward planning and our recent trip to Japan... but I still have some gifts for friends to cover. And their kids!!! Oh my! In the past year it seems like the number of children in my circle of friends have doubled!! haha...

Which is, of course, a good situation to have, but unfortunately, it means that my usual repertoire of go-to gifts of books & toys is pretty much exhausted and I've been forced to look for new and meaningful gifts for the little bundles of joy in our lives.

Kids nowadays seem to always always be on the move whether for school, work or play, and I thought gifts to help them make their journey more comfortable or entertaining would be useful.
If you're still Christmas shopping for the young ones, here's 6 Gift Ideas for Kids Always On-the-Go which have caught my eye and I hope you'd find this list useful too!  🎁

1. mifold Grab-and-Go Booster Seat {S$99}
This was actually what I got for my own niece, Lil J. There's an important, but overlooked, traffic rule in Singapore: For safety reasons, juniors under 1.35m {usually kids aged 7 and below} need appropriate restraints or booster seats in private hire cars. However, most of these private hire cars in Uber or Grab are equipped with booster seats and it's actually good to have your own.

However, any parent going out with their young kid, nappy bag, pram / carrier etc. knows that its already tedious enough, so who wants to carry a bulky car booster seat around too?? Mifold is pretty amazing as it's really compact like a large wallet {25cm x 12cm x 4cm}, weighs just about the same as a small bottle of water {750g} yet sets up in 30s to do the same job as a bulky traditional car booster seat. Perfect for those that usually need to take cabs or car-pool with kids!

A regular booster seat lifts a child up to be in the position of an adult in the car, but the portable mifold adjusts the adult-sized seatbelt to hold it down and securely fit a child. I like that it will "grow" with Lil J and has 3 settings that will allow her to use it until she is about 12 years old {36kg/ 150cm} too, if need be! Find out more on how it works & order from mifold U.S. website or you can purchase it in Singapore here.

P.S. Even Grab Singapore uses mifold in their GrabFamily service. It comes in 6 colours.

2. Minejima Chalk-It Book {S$38.50}
This is something I would totally get for myself actually haha. The Chalk-it Book is a 10-page, portable chalkboard book that comes with four colorful dust-free chalks that are smudge-resistant but comes off easily with water. It also has a plastic chalk-holder so those tiny hands don't need to have direct contact with the chalk, and the chalk actually stays in one solid piece heh. All these are kept tidy in a built-in zip pouch in the book.

Some of the pages are printed with dots to join or other puzzles, and the pages are easily cleaned with a wet wipe. There's 6 fun designs for the plastic book covers {I personally like Origami} and it seems like a great gift to encourage kids to doodle, write and think creatively. Purchase them directly from Minejima website, and there's free delivery for orders over S$65.

3. Yumbox Bento-style Lunchboxes {S$32 - S$49}
Getting kids to eat well can be hard at times. Getting kids to eat well on-the-move... well, you need all the help you can get! Yumbox is a kids-friendly lunchbox featuring a removable, dishwasher-safe insert, single leak-proof lid and easy latch lock. It seals all food wells individually so that food won’t touch or leak outside of the box, and comes in 4 sizes.

Yumbox’s pre-portioned illustrated trays guide you to packing healthy and hassle-free lunches. They encourage balance, taste, nutrition and also importantly, variety, while making this little box more of an adventure in good nutrition than just plain old packed food!

I like the fun inserts that illustrate the key food groups that you should be packing for your child: fruit, vegetable, grains, protein & dairy, and a small well that you can use for dips, sauce or a small treat. Kids can also use this as a guide to pack their own healthy lunchbox and make healthy food choices of their own. Find out more on how it works from Yumbox website and purchase them in Singapore here. You can also get personalised versions from Stuck On You Singapore.

4. The Journey Journal World Edition {S$25.11}
These are great for kids to remember every detail of a family vacation in his or her own way - be it the things they see, or the things they want to do.. they’re all amazing memories, and they deserve to be preserved in a really cool journal.

The journal's front features a map of the world. You can use the round fasteners {6 included} that come with the journal and punch them on your destinations and track the journey with the string provided. There's enough pages for a 13-day trip, but any longer I guess you can get another book.

Each of the 13 day pages includes space to write down: date, place, temperature, plans, noteworthy moments, reflections, encounters, a drawing space, etc. and at the end there's a page for after thoughts and a nifty compartment so you can safely store all the treasures you collect on your trip.

I'm keeping this in mind for Lil Pumpkin's next vacation actually, and if you like, purchase it from Cracked Designs online shop here. You can also request a custom order and have something made just for your specific trip.

5. JBL Kids On-Ear Headphones {S$39.90 corded /S$79.90 wireless}
We have the older version for Lil Pumpkin and she still uses it at times, especially when we fly because the airline earphones don't fit kids that comfortably, even for those that have a children's version e.g. Singapore Airlines.

The new version was released this year and there doesn't seem to have much internal update, but externally it actually looks less kiddy, and more sturdy? Safe, lightweight and sized for kids, the JBL headphones deliver up to 12 hours of playtime for the young music fans. Headphones are designed to ensure the volume is always below 85dB to protect hearing and easy controls can be operated without any help. Kids listen in comfort with custom designed soft padded headband and ear cushions for a feathery fit.

They will also enjoy the ability to customize the headphones with the available stickers. Corded {JBL JR300} and wireless {JBL JR300BT} versions are available. Read more about its specs on JBL website and purchase them online or at the local retailers.

6. Oh Happy Fry Wooden Toy Camera {S$36}
I've always been a sucker for wooden toys and these wooden toy cameras are the perfect accessory for pretend play when on-the-move, plus they help to keep those curious little hands off your expensive camera gear.. hopefully!

Designed and made in Australia, the cameras are equipped with a movable dial and lens and have a small view finder for little eyes to look through. They are made from natural pine timber, then sanded smooth and carefully hand-painted. Each comes with a cotton strap for a soft finish and are packaged in a lovely little calico drawstring bag. There are currently only 4 colours available and you can purchase them from Oh Happy Fry webstore directly. They also have a Wood Toy Camera Teether {S$23} for little babies to grasp and chew!

Oh, if you don't mind waiting, you can get a personalised wooden toy camera {S$33.06} from Beige Bois that's based in Greece. Made of unfinished basswood and beechwood, you get to customise the wooden camera with a name and choose the colour of the elastic camera strap. There's a cute little screen frame at the back that you can put your own pictures to display.

What other ideas do you have for children's Christmas gifts?
Been to any interesting local or overseas destinations this holiday season?

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Elaine73 said...

Aww lovely ideas! Bookmarking this muacks

An Apel a Day said...

Those do look fun! I like the mini chalk set, and map.

Last year I got my nephew Evan (age 12) a scratchboard map. Their family travels more than we do, with my 1 nephew having Trisomy 18. I thought it would be fun for him to scratch away his adventures as they go to this conference, and that conference.

I've seen where you can make the mini chalkboard sets, or do something similar. Love them!

Theresa Mahoney said...

What fun picks! Those wooden cameras are super cool. I actually want one for myself lol