Tuesday, January 9, 2018

My One Word for 2018 - RESTORATION

I'm sure you've heard of this alternative process for making new year resolutions whereby instead of making a list of changes or goals for the new year, you choose just one word to focus on and guide you in your actions to make your new year a better one.

There are a few groups like My One Word or One Word 365 that support this process {and even help you to choose the word to be your focus for the next 12 months!} but the main premise is the same - our list of resolutions overwhelm our ability to focus. Instead, we should pick one word that represents who we want to be or how we want to live {or if you're a Christian, who God is calling us to become} to focus on every day, for the whole year.

This process forces clarity and results in focus, and makes it much simpler to work towards being a better version of yourself in the new year. It will take intentionality and commitment, but if you let it, your one word will shape not only your year, but also you. It will become the compass that directs your decisions and guides your steps.

I mean, a lot of people make new year resolutions but many of them don't carry them through for various reasons. Maybe their goal is too ambiguous and they don't have a plan? Maybe they are impatient or maybe they don't have support?

As many reasons there are to fail, there are many ways to succeed too and if you haven't found one that works for you yet, this focus on "one word" for the new year might be your ticket to reaching your new year goals.

I've not made New Year resolutions in years, but the year-end season usually gets me in a reflective mood where I look back on the past year and see what I've achieved, and look forward to the new year to see what I'd like to do.

The end of 2017 was no different but over that last weekend, a word suddenly popped up to me - Restoration. I haven't been praying for it, but I believe that God was speaking out to me and telling me to focus on that for 2018.

He has seen how I was letting society's expectations, my expectations of myself and our hurried life take control of my emotions, well-being, relationships with others and with Him. All these burdens just left me feeling rather overwhelmed, snappy and tired... and most days I felt like I was just surviving in all aspects, rather than thriving despite having all the necessities in life to be happy - a comfortable home, happy family, good health, stable income, trustworthy friends etc. Kinda lost, really.. 

Restoration is "the act of restoring; renewal, revival, or reestablishment."

In thinking more about it, I believe that the word is very meaningful and there are certain areas that I want to work on using that as my compass.


RESTORATION at Relationships
Ashamedly, I act poorly when I am tired or stressed, and the first people to bear the brunt of this is usually my family and loved ones. I'm quick to anger and harsh in my words...

This year, I pray that I'd be able to be more like Jesus in my actions {WWJD - What Would Jesus Do?}, be kinder, more loving, considerate and helpful even in my most trying moments. 

RESTORATION at Well-being
Although I focus a lot more on my physical well-being by training regularly, eating better and making an effort to sleep better, I haven't really been taking care of my emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.

This year, I will make sure that I will learn to take things easy, focus on the good, people that matter and things which I have control over, and let go of past mistakes and negative energy. 

People close to me know that I do not really like my job. If I can be brutally honest, I'm just here for the money and if my boss wasn't that awesome and if I actually knew what I wanted to do as a career, I probably wouldn't still be here...? There really isn't much joy or satisfaction coming to work daily, which kills me in a way because how can you do something you don't really like that takes up almost half of your day??

I guess it's called "adulting" when you put other responsibilities above your own whims and just stick to what you have to do even when it is making you dead inside. Well, my boss is retiring soon and I don't see myself staying here after he leaves so I really have to make future plans for my worklife.

This year, I will take the time to discover my next career move and not be afraid to even go out of my comfort zone. Whatever it may be, I will make sure that the next job I take, it will spark joy in me and make me happy coming to work each day.

Since young, God has always been present in my life but He hasn't been central. I've not put him first in many of my life decisions so far and perhaps that's why I find myself failing in many ways.

This year, I pray that I will trust in His will more, to read my Bible more and to attend church more regularly. I will make more effort to make sure my family, especially Lil Pumpkin, grows closer to God too.


I don't have any concrete plans on how to achieve each of these goals {...yet?}, but if this is God's will, and I believe that it is, then I have faith that He will guide me to do all this and make my 2018 even better and brighter than before!

P.S. Sorry if this post sounds strange or out of character as I don't usually blog about my faith or life as a Christian, but I just feel very strongly about this and wanted to share about my plans for the year. If you've made any goals for yourself in 2018, feel free to comment and let me know and maybe I'd be able to support and encourage you for the year too!


Unknown said...

I especially like your last point on Faith! Good on you for publicly making that commitment and aim!
And God is faithful, He will give you the strength and focus needed to be more regular. It really makes a difference for the whole family, especially for our marriages and for our kids. Jia you! Can recommend a few churches also if you need!

An Apel a Day said...

Such great images of Little Pumpkin!

I want good health, and to find a new job. Of course I can't really post about trying to find a new job. It's something I'm working on.

Unknown said...

I like how you use one word to summ. it all up. A good approach and it helps to stay focused to the goal in mind. This is a good and inspirational post. Speaks to me as well...although I think I may have to spend quite an effort trying to sum it all up in just one word...perhaps. Just perhaps.

Thanks for sharing!

Veronica Lee said...

It has been awhile since I stopped by. OMG! Lil Pumpkin is not so little now - she has blossomed into a beautiful young lady!

Remember me?

Happy 2018!

Adrine said...

Happy New Year to you and family.
I wanted to give up on new year resolutions this year too. But a girl friend insisted we should all do together (4 of us) so that we can commit on it and review at the end of the year. Ah well... let's see whether this works! Regardless, it was certainly fun to do it together :-)

May you have a great and fulfilling 2018 ahead !

Shub said...

One word is a great idea! I too don't do any resolutions because can't really pursue them. Must search my one word too.

Theresa Mahoney said...

Restoration is an awesome focus word for the New Year. I am still thinking on what mine should be. I have an idea in my head how I want the year to go, now I just need to find the right word for it lol.

Young Smarties said...

Your use of the word, Restoration, is indeed very powerful and it makes me realized how just one word and means so many things. I'm still stuck at what word to use. What you listed out sounds simple but is not easy to do as well. Hope this year will be an awesome year for you and your family :)

Anonymous said...

Amen to your desires!!! The Lord looks at the heart. May you indeed experience this grace restoration in Him first and foremost! It will rub off to lil pimpkin when we place God as central. My one word is Immanuel. Blessings, Angie Yeow

KarMie's blog said...

May God grant you the desires of your heart! And guide you with strength and wisdom along the way.

Loved the 1 word, I never do resolutions but might start with just 1 word ...great idea! Jia you together!

Jamie chaw

--andy-- said...

I love the word Restoration, simple yet so meaningful. I would have use Reset for myself :p (How I wish we can reset some of our decisions).

Ai, wishing you Resolution and success in 2018!

cheers, Andy

Indah Nuria Savitri said...

It is a great new year resolution, Ai! You’re right.. by focusing on one thing you are more likely to achive the progress you want. Wishing you a wonderful and productive 2018!