Friday, October 19, 2012

Tips from a Busy Working Mama | Shop Online, Save Time #Paypal

Before I met my hubby, I was quite an online shopping noob actually {“You mean, all I need to do is click and it delivers to my doorstep??”}. I was also very skeptical about the quality of goods from stuff you buy online. Even now, I don’t usually buy clothes online because I'm very particular about cutting & materials {although a lot of my friends swear by sites like ASOS!} but I do love sourcing for unique handicrafts or products that we don’t usually find in our local stores.

{Clockwise} Limited edition BAPE X Be@rBrick, Haba Strong Stuff game,
handcarved wooden knuckle dusters, Fred's homeware

Shopping online offers so much convenience for today's time-poor mums. You can shop online from home, at work {ssshhh!}, on your laptop or smartphone and browse through hundreds of items easily, without even leaving your seat. Or even bed, because I like to do it while Lil Pumpkin sleeps ;p

In fact, it's not just time you save, but monetary costs too. Don't you usually eat out when you shop at stores? Or pay petrol, parking & ERP money for traveling? Or spend more on things we don't actually need but just saw at the check-out counters? Or buy at a higher price just because we were too lazy to compare prices at other stores?

I think a lot of people share the same fears that I had in the beginning and that’s what holding them back from online shopping. Fear that what they bought may not be what they saw online, or that the sellers don’t send the items over, or that their personal safety is compromised etc. Those are valid concerns but I think if they use a responsible and trusted company like PayPal to transact money, their confidence level will increase.

PayPal protects your financial information securely, and it is never shared with the seller. They also have the latest fraud prevention technology with 24/7 account monitoring from a dedicated team of security specialists. Indeed, PayPal Buyer Protection makes buying online safe. If the item doesn’t arrive or doesn’t match the seller’s description, you can recover the full purchase price of the item plus shipping costs via PayPal.

Example of the boy paying his membership fees online

Another benefit when using PayPal is that all your information is already captured in your account, and you don’t have to type in all your long list of financial information every time you make a purchase online. All you need is one ID and one password for about 9 million merchants worldwide that use PayPal to get paid.

Christmas is coming and if you haven't tried it before, now might be a good idea to get your hands into online shopping to beat the dreaded crowds. Below are some online boutiques you can check out for gifts and they all accept PayPal.

Pamper the ladies in your lives with 1. beautiful handsewn treasures at Jean Stitch, 2. international makeup and fashion at ASOS, 3. modern homeware at Pop Deluxe,  4. latest fashion & trends at Zalora, 5. Japanese crafts & accessories at iichi, 6. artisan handmade jewelry at Adeline's Loft.

Bring joy to their faces with 1. personalised gifts from Scrappin' Love, 2. toys & baby items at Lamkins, 3. unique party & craft goods at Beautiful Revelry, 4. cute childrenswear & accessories at MDBambini, 5. eco-friendly kids apparel & products at tinydipity, 6. edu-play activity kits at LolliBox.

Shower love to the men with 1. upmarket menswear & accessories at Mr Porter, 2. favourite reads at Amazon, 3. wallet-friendly prices for watches at Qoo10, 4. unique handcrafted gifts at Etsy, 5. classic mens goods at Oki-ni, 6. quirky collectibles at Mortimer Snodgrass.

If you have any favourite online shops, please share them with me! 

Read more Tips from a Busy Working Mama, and let me know yours! *wink*

* Disclosure: PayPal credits were provided by PayPal  for review. No monetary compensation was received, and all opinions are my own.




Anonymous said...

:) I love paypal because it's easier to remember a password than finding my credit card - especially when feeding!

Singapore corporate gifts said...

thanks a lot for this post, really it's exclusive post.

Emma Wilkinson said...

I love the convenience of shopping online!

Ai Sakura said...

Subversovereader: haha yes! that's a good reason!

Emma: must make sure we have some self control too ;p

Rina said...

The pump is so cute! I totally agree with shopping is very convenient for busy moms. But personally I won't shop online for footwear because sometimes one size is varied in different country. Here in Indonesia you can get 5 large or 5 small :D

Sweetday said...

I Love online shopping when it comes to books! Occasionally kids clothes, just buy 1 size bigger, they will fit in eventually.

The Kids Are All Right said...

My husband received Steve Jobs' biography for his last birthday and didn't put it down, and didn't stop reading me quotes from it and talking about it! So I can confirm that's a good gift :)

Jay said...

I love online shopping. I do buy clothes online, simply because my tastes are generally unavailable in local stores.

There are much nicer essentials available in the UK stores such as New Look and Next too, and shipping is often free or a flat low price.

Me N my Monkeys said...

I love online shopping, Paypal is my fav! :)

Unknown said...

Online shopping is so convenient especially for moms! And I love the variety that's available now a days. You can find almost ANY store online.

Grace said...

Thanks for the reminder to get cracking on my Christmas shopping, Ai! I know you had it listed under pressies for him, but I wouldn't mind getting a hold of that Steve Jobs book :)
I love online shopping. PayPal ROCKS! :) x

Ai Sakura said...

Rina: yup the cutting for shoes differ too!

Sweet Day: I'm usually ok for kids clothes too, and yes, I do buy bigger sizes hahaha

The Kids are All Right: fantastic to hear that!

Jane: Makes it even more convenient for sure :)

Brandi: and sometimes so much cheaper than in the local stores too!

Grace: haha yes time passes by so quickly.. it's already end Oct!!

Theresa Mahoney said...

Most of the stuff we buy is bought from online now. My husband doesn't buy anything without comparing prices online first. It's so convenient too!

Shawna said...

Oooh yes, with Black Friday just around the corner, this post couldn't come as a better reminder for me to shop! I use PayPal, they are very useful and either Vpost or HopShopGo to deliver. Are there any others that you know of that i could use. Better pricing packages perhaps?

Samantha said...

I couldn't agree more. My Christmas shopping options opened up a lot more since I started shopping with PayPal. Together with HopShopGo, using PayPal makes shipping and delivery that much more convenient. Now I can't imagine shopping without them.

Can't wait for my new Kate Spade handbag to arrive! Any minute now.... :)

Ai Sakura said...

Theresa: love how convenient it is to just compare prices too! saves so much $$

Shawna: those 2 definitely are the more well-known services. I'm not familiar with others though, sorry

Samantha: I'm excited for you!! I didn't include group buying sites here but planning a post on those. Definitely worth a look to get some good deals for gifts there too!

Jack Ma said...

Lovely Post.