Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day 2014!! #dadsforlife

Just as I was thinking it was quite sad that Lil Pumpkin's preschool doesn't have a Father's Day celebration event like they do for us mothers, Lil Pumpkin excitedly told us last Tuesday night that her daddy HAD TO go to her class the next day on Wednesday to celebrate Father's Day! We found it strange that her preschool didn't send any notification as they usually do so the boy checked it out and found out that it's supposed to be the following Wednesday, next week!!

Oh silly girl! Guess she was too excited haha.

Anyway I used my new-found Rainbow Looming skills to make a one-of-a-kind Luffy from One Piece loom doll for the boy's Father's Day gift!

He's been asking me to make it since One Piece is one of his fave anime but there's no tutorial for Luffy! However, after making a few loom dolls, you kinda get the hang of it and understand the basic concept so I came up with my own Luffy design just in time for today. Not bad, ya? :)

Thanks for always being there for us, poogeo. You've been a very encouraging dad and never missed any of Lil Pumpkin's important days and milestones, since day 1. We are really blessed to have you as our husband and daddy.

Lil Pumpkin will give you her handmade Father's Day card in class next week but she has a special recording for you!! チュゥゥゥ~ 

Wishing all dads, especially hubby and our own, a wonderful Happy Father's Day~

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Janet said...

You're getting great at rainbow looming. Luffy looks so cute

Theresa Mahoney said...

How adorable! You did such a good job without any kind of pattern or tutorial! Well done!

Hope the boy had a very lovely Father's Day!

An Apel a Day said...

You did a great job!

I think the animation of Little Pumpkin is cute!

Isaak just got a Rainbow Loom towards the end of May. Just this weekend we got around to using it. Travis, my husband was so into helping him. He basically took over. He even made himself a bracelet. I thought it was great. I was busy separating the colored bands.

Unknown said...

Wow, you're really doing great coming up with your own designs. And kudos to your hubby for being such a hands on dad.

Masshole Mommy said...

Hope your hubby had a great father's day! You guys are good with that rainbow loom - all we make are bracelets.

Lucy @ Bake Play Smile said...

You are so clever!! I love your loom banding! Hope your hubby had a great Fathers Day :-)

Stacy said...

That is such an adorable video of Lil Pumpkin!

Argh need to make a start on my loom.

Indah Nuria Savitri said...

so sweet...and lovely video you got there :)...

Unknown said...

What a great Father's day gift!