Sunday, June 29, 2014

Hong Kong 2014 | Toys @ Tai Yuen Street Market {太原街}, Wan Chai

If you're in Hong Kong and looking for cheap toys for the kids, Tai Yuen Street Market is the place to go. And cheap doesn't necessarily mean bad quality either.. they might be original Mattel or Disney toys, just sold at wholesale prices.

After checking-in our hotel on the first day of our family vacation, we took the MTR train down to find Tai Yuen Street Market. It's quite easy actually as it's located in the popular Wan Chai district at Hong Kong Island. I like to go to the flea and wholesale markets on the first few days of the holiday as things there tend to be cheaper, so if we see something we want we can buy immediately or take note of the prices for reference at other shops later :P

Called the "Toy Street" by locals, Tai Yuen Street features a good range of popular character toys like Barbie, Sofia the First, Peppa Pig, Toy Story, Thomas the Tank Engine etc., bath toys, stationery,  swimming floats, as well as a variety of classic “Made in Hong Kong” toys.

As most of the toys are located only in the first few shops on the left at the beginning of the street {if you're coming in from Johnston Road}, I don't think this is as good a toy street as some others we've seen where every shop sells toys, but it is still a paradise for the kids, and parents going toy-shopping on a budget.

The rest of the shops sell other clothes, beauty products, food and other knickknacks. I heard you can bargain here but when I tried, the shop keepers didn't bulge and kept saying they were already selling very low. Not as open to it as the night market stall owners.

Perhaps I wasn't aggressive enough haha {see my tips on bargain-hunting in street markets} but I didn't want to stay too long there as it was reaaaaaaally hot in HK that day!! Goodness, must remember not to come back during summer months.

The Rainbow Loom craze is in Hong Kong too and we saw lots of colour rubber bands and loom kits. Most likely fake, but all sold really, really cheaply.

I mentioned before that you might not want to buy fake bands and looms just for the prices in Singapore because the price difference from authentic products isn't that big. However, in Hong Kong, the price difference is really noticeable, and you can get rather cool options like UV colour-changing bands or the beaded/bubble bands that you can't find easily back home. Actually, the real Rainbow Loom company doesn't even manufacture them.

All kinds of dolls for boys and girls~

So many things to look at... where to begin??

Lil Pumpkin is a good girl and even though she likes to browse and play at toy stores, she hardly ever asks us to buy anything for her... unless she really, really wants it. We were looking out for her current fave Disney Frozen dolls & play sets for her but alas, didn't see any. They had bags, cutlery, water bottles etc. though. So strange and disappointing! I've seen quite a lot sold online from the USA but why is it taking so long to come to our side of the world??!

In the end, we just got her the Sofia the First floating palace doll and play set.

Shop selling robot figurines. Oh, if you're looking for Lego toys, this isn't the place though. I hardly saw many, if anything from Lego. I'll share with you another place to go for Lego in Hong Kong later {thanks for the tip, Eric!!}.

There are Tomica toys...

And Transformers too.

The street is pretty big with a much wider walking space compared to Ladies Market or Temple Street Market so going in with a stroller is fine. I'd recommend allocating about 2-3 hours to spend there, and to go on a weekday.

Tai Yuen Street Market {太原街}
Between Queen's Road East {皇后大道東} and Johnston Street {庄士敦道}
Nearest MTR station: Wan Chai, Exit A3
Open daily, 7am - 7pm


MummyMOO said...

Oh no... I think I must bring another suitcase to lug the toys back :D

Thanks for this timely post!

Unknown said...

Oh thanks for sharing, Ai! I'm off to HK in October! Someone put a leash on this mama!

Masshole Mommy said...

Wow, that looks like such a fun day of shopping.

Ai Sakura said...

MummyMoo: Just buy from the flea markets hahaha

Adora: No worries, have fun!!

Masshole Mommy: definitely recommend it if you visit HK with the boys ;)

Theresa Mahoney said...

Talk about a kid's dream shopping there! Even though you didn't find anything Frozen, it looks like they pretty much had everything else available to purchase!

Susan said...

I didn't know about this place and would probably have shopped there if I knew about it. Noting it for my next trip to Hong Kong. Thanks for sharing this gem.

mail4rosey said...

We've got Hong Kong on our short list for places to travel. I'm booking marking this page to come back for future reference. I love how busy it looks in pictures! :)

Stacy said...

Oh wow every pic is just bursting with multiple colours. I'd better NOT go there or there goes my baggage allowance...

Tami Marie said...

I am thinking of moving to Hong Kong to teach English next year. No plans as yet, but it's a possibility. I would love to visit all of the shopping places. I think my cousins would go crazy over a place like this. :)

Unknown said...

Hi, would like to check where can we get the lego that you mention you will share. thks