Friday, June 2, 2017

Bub & Me: Bring Your Kids to Work Day! @ Mummy's Office!

On Wednesday Lil Pumpkin followed me to the office for the day. An unofficial "Bring Your Kids to Work Day" of sorts since my organisation doesn't have the culture of hosting such an event. However, thankfully I've an amazing boss who is a family man and values work-life balance, and understands when we have to bring the kids to work sometimes.

This is the first time I've had Lil Pumpkin at work for almost the whole day actually, although she has been to my office a number of times before, and her preschool was actually located at another end of my workplace.

It's the school holidays now in Singapore so Lil Pumpkin doesn't have any classes in her primary school, although she still has her enrichment classes for Maths {see Comparison of Popular Maths Enrichment Classes}, Chinese, gymnastics and CrossFit. When she was younger, my mum used to help take care of her during the hols but now that she's older and easier to care for, Lil Pumpkin follows the boy to the clinic {she's a "Vet for a Day", everyday!! haha} and wherever he goes while I'm at work. It's more convenient since the boy doesn't have to make trips to so many different places and her enrichment classes are near his clinic. 

She still goes to my mum's place once in a while though, especially if her cousins are there :)

Wanted to give the boy a break to go for a back massage after his morning shift as he sprained it during aerial yoga {the teacher was too hardcore..} so he dropped Lil Pumpkin and me at the office in the morning.

Lil Pumpkin made good use of my "makeshift bed" {aka thick exercise mat} hehe and actually slept most of the morning away until lunch-time. When she woke up, we went for a sumptuous Western grill lunch and I was pretty surprised that she finished most of her steak!! 

Ever since she was a baby... I always loved seeing her eat well and full hehe.

Brought her around a bit and it's nice showing her snippets of what I do, who I work with and why Mummy is away most of the day. It's always hard shaking off the working mum's guilt and nothing much has changed ever since I wrote "What's A FTWM's Worth?" 2 years ago.

Every other day I feel guilty about not spending enough time with Lil Pumpkin, every other day I worry that I'm missing out on her childhood milestones.. But yet every other day I feel at peace with my choice and am grateful to be able to share hubby's burden, help with the household finances, give Lil Pumpkin some luxuries in life, show her that women can succeed professionally, and also have a little "me-time" with stimulating adult conversations.

I always think that I have a rather uninteresting office job but nonetheless, I'm really happy to have shared my day with Lil Pumpkin. She was a really good girl in not disturbing me when I had to concentrate at work by doing her holiday homework, reading and working on her latest craze - crossword puzzles & word searches haha.

Thank you for keeping Mummy company at work that day, my darling! I hope to have more of such days with you again soon ♥

Do you bring your kids to work?
How does it benefit you and your kids?



Winnie @ Toddly Mummy said...

So sweet. I think it's important that our kids see what we do at work.. and see who the bosses are. So if we say 'boss ask me to go for meeting', they will understand. I brought my older girl once to my office, precisely because of a last minute meeting I had to attend. She loved it so much, so wants to go again. Haha..

Thanks for sharing! Always nice to read what Lil'Pumpkin is up to. :)

An Apel a Day said...

Oh I love this. I wish all works were like this. My husband's work is. Mine on the other hand is not. My boss would freak if I brought the kids in.

Unknown said...

This is such a good idea and you're so fortunate your employer allows it. It also provides a good platform for parents to role-model their work ethics to their kids. Thanks for sharing!

Michelle at "The Chill Mom" said...

Such an intelligent little girl! Good to know that your boss is a very family-oriented man and I agree that showing your little girl that every woman can succeed in life will stimulate her mind to success!


Young Smarties said...

Is great to allow kids to follow parents to work. They get to see what parents really are doing and experience it as well. She's such a sweet girl!

mail4rosey said...

How sweet that you got to bring her in. :) I did that years ago but I haven't for a long time now (teaching, so it's not allowed which is odd, isn't it?). :) Glad she got to come and visit, and glad your boss is family-oriented and flexible. Little cutie pie.

Meiling Wong-Chainani said...

How fortunate that you could bring Lil pumpkin to work with you. Kudos to your boss for being family oriented. Wish there are more bosses like that. I think it's important for kids to see mom or dad at work to understand work ethics and what's it like to earn money.

Pooja Kawatra said...

I used to take my kids to my office and let them sit in my cubcile to see how mumma or papa works.

--andy-- said...

My office had a family day once , and over 80 kids turn up wow 😍 Besides learning about their parents' job kids also had an opportunity to be Doctors and lab technicians(I am in healthcare industry). All the kids left with smiles and balloons . I am sure your girl also left your office with good memories.


My Cyber Shop said...

Your lil pumpkin is so kwai! My bubba would be running around at my work!

Theresa Mahoney said...

That's wonderful that you got to take Little Pumpkin into work. I don't have an outside job, so my girls don't get to come. Jason asked them if they wanted to go to work with him on take your daughter to work day here, but they had no interest in exploring a boring office or dirty warehouse lol.

Stacy said...

Your workplace looks great. Now what is it about your job that you find uninteresting...

Unknown said...

I've brought my kids to work a few times, either on Bring your kid to work day, or Christmas eve, which is the other unofficial BYKTW day.

I also talk to them about my day, when we are sharing in the evenings. I think it really helps to have them know details (or even better, witness details) of what we do at work, so they know we don't just disappear every day into some black hole, and stay apart from them for no good reason.

I also feel that sharing my challenges at work helps them see that we have challenges as adults too, and preps them in a way for their own work life in future.