Thursday, December 21, 2017

Christmas 2017 | Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium Festive Family Dinner {1-for-1 Promo}

Last weekend we were at Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium for little family staycation... I know, I know. We came back from Japan not long ago but then I'm missing that trip terribly, and what better way to get over a holiday than with another one?? hehe..

I'll share more about the Famtastic Weekend Staycation Package that we went for next week or so but I just want to get the word out on Atrium Restaurant's Festive Delights buffet first because well, Christmas is coming up in less that a week's time and if you haven't found a place to eat out yet for your Christmas gatherings, this should be it!!

There's currently a one-for-one promo for an incredible spread of local and festive dishes and in a cross-my-heart-no-gimmicks kinda way, I honestly think it's a very good deal and if you can, don't miss out on it! #dontsaybojio

Since we were staying there, we decided to have an early Christmas dinner with my parents as Atrium Restaurant was having their annual Festive Delights buffet, which we ate at 2 years ago.

Had good memories of the restaurant and buffet so looked forward to eating there again.

When I say I "looked forward to eating there again"... I really meant that and the boy & I actually went to the gym for an hour's workout to prep ourselves for the extra calories from the buffet dinner α••( ᐛ )α•—

And why yes, I still felt like I enjoyed the buffet wayyyyy too much so went in after that at night for another session of cardio #oops

Compared to the Festive Delights buffet dinner we ate 2 years ago which was already pretty good, for some reason I enjoyed this year even more.

Maybe it's because I know after the dinner we're gonna have a relaxing time at the hotel, or maybe it's because I haven't been to a buffet for a long time, or maaaaaybe it's because there's a much, much bigger array of fresh seafood {which I absolutely love!} compared to the last time we came....

I think it's the latter reason (´∇οΎ‰`*)γƒŽ

There's now TWO tables of fresh seafood on ice filled with Snow Crab, Oysters, Crayfish, Sea Snails, Mussels, Prawns etc. Oh such bliss!! And like before, they are replenished frequently throughout the night.

This was also my hubby and my parent's fave buffet section for the night. 

One thing different though, is that there's no longer a kids corner buffet table at Atrium Restaurant. Only kids plastic cutlery and plates are available..

... but no worries, as there are still many kids-friendly food options such as satay, sushi or prata available at the buffet, and kids 5 years old and under still eat for free.

Other than the sumptous fresh seafood, there is also Whole-baked Salmon, Fresh Sashimi, Signature Laksa, Chilli Crayfish {the boy's go-to dish for the night haha}, Lamb Stew, Kueh Pie Tee and so much more!

Just for December, they have also added festive delights such as Roast Tom Turkey with Chestnut Stuffing marinated with Fresh Herbs & Spices in Natural Turkey Jus & Baked Honey Glazed Gammon Ham with Orange Cinnamon Sauce over at the carving station.

Brings back memories of my childhood when my mum used to roast our own turkey hehe.. 

The boy and I have always loved our cheese...

Which go so well with the salad offerings. Over the years, one important "strategy" I've learnt which helped a foodie like me on how to deal with buffets and holiday feasts is to load up on protein and vegetable, then fats and carbs for taste.

So basically what I do is I'd start off with and eat mostly the fresh seafood {not the cooked ones with sauces but those with natural, umami flavours} and meat dishes, and about 2-3 servings of salad in between. This fills me up pretty well already. I won't touch usually touch the carbs e.g. rice or pasta dishes {unless it's something reeeeeally appetising like uni pasta?? hehe} but I'd definitely head for desserts last.   

You can read more tips on how to eat at buffets without guilt when you're on a fitness training plan here or how to work out on holiday without a gym here #foodieatheart

And talking about desserts, the Festive Delights buffet offers sweet treats such as Tiramisu, Ice-Cream {Lil Pumpkin's fave!}, Macarons, Chocolate Fountain and seasonal specialities like Tropicana Yule Log Cake {mango & passionfruit flavoured}, Christmas Pudding {I went for 2 servings!}, Gingerbread Cookies and Stollen bread.

For those that prefer local desserts, there's Asian kueh-kueh and DIY Ice-Kachang available too.

If you plan to go on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day itself, things are made even more special.

In addition to what I mentioned above, there also Boston Lobster, Baked Honey Glazed Ham with Pineapple Chutney and Slow Roasted Australian Beef Ribeye Fillet with Pommery Mustard Jus that are available only on those 2 days.. Also featured on their Christmas Eve and Christmas Day buffets are two of their newest festive creations - Salt Baked Laksa Turkey and Sa Cha Infused Meatloaf.

Oooooo sounds so good!!! Too bad we already have other plans for our Christmas Eve and Day meals..

A delicious spread of festive favourites are also available for your party needs! There's a traditional Christmas package which includes a 4kg Traditional Roast Turkey with Stuffing, Giblet Gravy & Cranberry Sauce, 1kg Sa Cha infushed Meatloaf, Tropicana Yule Log Cake, Mashed Potatoes and a bottle or red wine, or you can purchase the dishes e.g. Roast Beef Ribeye or Stuffed Lamb Leg individually. 

Please visit Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium's website and order online for 25% off! Festive takeaways are available from now until 31 Dec 2017.(●⌒∇⌒●)

Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium Restaurant Daily Festive Buffet 
317 Outram Road, Level 4 
Tel: 6731 7172 {one-day advance reservation required}
12 noon - 2pm {lunch}, 6.30pm - 10.30pm {dinner}
Period: 1 - 31 Dec 2017
Price: See below for details. Prices in SGD and subject to 10% service charge and prevailing government taxes. Child rates for kids 6 - 12 years of age. Kids 5 years and under dine free 

1 to 30 December 2017
Festive Lunch (Mon - Fri):  $68++ for two adults, $20++ per child
Festive Brunch (Sat - Sun):  $78++ for two adults, $25++ per child
Festive Dinner (Sun - Thu): $88++ for two adults, $30++ per child
Festive Dinner (Fri - Sat): $98++ for two adults, $35++ per child

Special Festive Dates (24, 25 & 31 December 2017)
Festive Lunch: $88++ for two adults, $30++ per child  
Festive Dinner: $128++ for two adults, $35++ per child

P.S. If you're a hotel guest, you'll get additional 15% OFF the lunch or dinner buffet at Atrium Restaurant!

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Stacy said...

Looks fab!

I have to do something about my weight (like, lose A LOT) before going for buffets again... sigh.

Theresa Mahoney said...

I'd also do extra cardio for that feast! Everything looks amazing!