Thursday, September 10, 2020

P5 Parenting | Her First Featured School Chinese Composition

Last week, Lil Pumpkin gleefully showed me this and told me that it was shared by her school Chinese teacher as one of the 范文 or model essay answers for this semester's Chinese composition weighted assessment. 

Wow! She sure surprised me with this!!

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that one of Lil Pumpkin's Chinese compositions would ever be featured by her teacher as a 范文. Honestly, I'm usually just happy whenever she can write a complete one with a proper start and ending without failing!

It's not that I'm looking down on her abilities, but if you know us, you'd understand and see that Chinese is not one of Lil Pumpkin's strong suits. In fact, I reckon out of all her subjects, she struggles with this the most and definitely dislikes this the most. So for her to achieve something like this is especially meaningful.

Sometimes, getting her to study Chinese is like pulling her teeth out... #notkidding

Perhaps receiving an Edusave Good Progress award earlier in the year motivated her to work harder. Or it's the boy tutoring her in Chinese or maybe it's my incessant nagging and scolding haha... but Lil Pumpkin has definitely come a long way from someone who didn't even recognise her Chinese name, or say a single word of Chinese.

You could tell that she was really pleased with herself too. Her eyes twinkled and she couldn't stop grinning (*^▽^*)

I am so so proud of her and happy for her too. I know some days she feels that Chinese for her is a "lost cause" but now finally, there's this opportunity whereby she can see for herself that putting in the work day in day out, even when she doesn't want to or feel up to it, reaps rewards. It may not come immediately. It may not come in months or even years, but the hard work will eventually pay off ( ᐛ )و

Hopefully, this mini achievement will motivate her to go even further and study even harder for herself. 


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