Thursday, October 22, 2020

Little Flower Hut - Happiness in a Chocolate & Nuts Hamper XOXO

We are right in the middle of exam fever now. Lil Pumpkin is done with her composition papers and oral exams, but her major papers are up next week. 

Especially since our year has been turned kinda topsy-turvy... I feel stressed, she feels stressed, and even her usual easygoing daddy feels stressed I think with the upcoming papers so it was really nice to receive a Chocolate and Nuts care hamper from Little Flower Hut to get us through this nerve-wracking period.

Little Flower Heart is an online flower and gift hamper boutique based in Singapore #golocal

During this uncertain pandemic, a fast and dependable delivery service sounds impossible. There are shipping delays everywhere due to manpower shortage, temporary closures, high shipping volume etc. However thankfully, the Little Flower Heart is one of the few online shops I know that still provide reliable personalised floral delivery services that are delivered on time, any time of the day.  

Fun fact: Little Flower Hut wants to touch the hearts of their customers through their flowers hence decided to rhyme "heart" with "hut" hehe. Also, a "hut" brings to mind that they are a humble business which focuses on putting their customers' needs before their own.

Little Flower Hut's professional florists all have at least 7 years' experience and are very proficient in creating all kinds of floral arrangements to cater to different needs, from bouquets to table arrangements to big celebration flower stands and giant wreaths. A hand bouquet starts from S$35.

If you prefer something simple, they also sell single flower stalks, potted orchid plants and succulents

Honestly, I'm really amazed by the wide range of flowers and arrangements they have! 

Although their focus is on flowers, Little Flower Hut also sells hampers for baby showers {super cute!!!}, halal customers, wine connoisseurs and chocolate lovers. These can all be customised too. 

The kind folks there knew that we love chocolates and nuts so were happy to customise one for us even though they do not currently sell it online. 

I was quite busy with work and Lil Pumpkin's exam prep so gave them free reign to choose what to add, and was pleasantly surprised to find that it was full of everything we actually love and eat (♥ω♥*)

Our customised Chocolate and Nuts hamper arrived very well-packed in a rustic rattan basket, which of course I'd reuse to hold our little knick-knacks at home hehe... It was a perfect size for our little family of 3 and nothing was going to get wasted for sure.

It contained 1 x Swiss Miss Milk Chocolate box {6 packs}, 1 x Twix Milk Chocolate Caramel packet {5 bars}, 1 x Mars packets {6 bars}, 1 x Merci Finest Selection {250g}, 1 x Lindor Milk Truffles {200g}, 1 x Tong Garden NutriOne Nuts & Fruit Medley {85g}, 1 x Tong Garden NutriOne Cocktail Nuts {85g} and 1 x Lotte Choco Pie {6 packs} which Lil Pumpkin promptly snuck away when I once I opened the hamper, before I had time to take a pic haha..  

The price of customised hampers varies depending on what items customers want in their hampers, but average cost is around S$80-$100. 

Those interested should contact them at least one week in advance so that the shop can better prepare and assist the customers. They will try to source for the items as much as possible or recommend suitable alternatives. 

I must add that their customer service staff are very friendly and prompt in their replies!

I don't know about you, but I find that no matter how foul a mood I am in, chocolate always perks me up and makes things better ღゝ◡╹)ノ♡

If you'd like to send some flowers or care hampers to lift someone's spirits too, do check out Little Flower Hut's website. They offer free delivery {above S$40} for same-day, 1hr super express, 3hr quickie or specific time slots with no additional GST.

Good luck for the last lap of SA2 exams, Lil Pumpkin! 頑張って!

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Mrs. L said...

I think these can also be great Christmas presents. They have great pickings!